Caro di Lello

project overview

Punch is an innovative social media app designed exclusively for musicians, offering a vibrant platform for them to connect, create, and prosper. Musicians using Punch can seamlessly share and even sell their music, all within a dedicated and supportive community.

Punch serves as a one-stop hub for musicians' needs, enabling them to effortlessly book classes, gigs, and even find fellow musicians to form a band with.


User persona

The app was well-received. Users were interested because, in their words, "there's nothing like this in the market."

• Only 12% of those who responded affirmatively know of such a platform and mentioned Facebook.
• When asked if they knew of any app/website to find band members, 87% replied that they did not know of one, and 19% who responded affirmatively also mentioned Facebook.
• The vast majority (between 83% to 94%) expressed their interest in using an app where they can have direct contact with local bands.

User Survey

When asked about a monthly subscription, the majority said they would not pay but would consider making a donation to the artist.
This survey was also helpful in understanding what exclusive content they would like to see.


For the name I chose a Spanish slang for beat; “Punch” and for the logo I decided to go for sound waves. I put together a mood board and choose the colour pallet with a modern font.
With all of these ready I had everything I needed to create the wireframes and high-fidelity prototype. 

main features

We will create a social network where musical artists can find employment opportunities in various branches of the industry and provide users or those interested in the field with a secure and verified platform. The app will include the artist’s profile, with a description of their academic background and work experience. Artists can upload their own songs or videos for their followers. The profile will also include a public calendar where the followers can see the artist's upcoming events and availability for classes, they will be able to add them to their personal calendar.
Within the profile, there will be two calls to action (CTA): one for booking (class or event) and another for subscribing to the profile (donation or monthly subscription). The amount of the "Donation" is set by the doner. This is a one-time donation, unlike the "monthly subscription," which has a set value and recurs monthly. Subscribers will receive benefits, such as access to exclusive content shared by the artist on the network (live talks, giveaways, workshops, etc. - the content depends on the artist).
Both students and users who hire the artist can leave comments and references about their experience and rate them (5 stars). The app will have a news section where artists can promote their events, workshops, jam sessions, and more. The app will also feature a "Build Your Band" section where specific searches (eg: "looking for a jazz guitarist for a band") can be posted.

This three-month project helped me understand the importance of quantitative and qualitative research, especially in the early stages of a project. 

Knowing my strengths and weaknesses, understanding the added value of my background in graphic design and my *humble* experience with coding, helped bring this project to life.


Adobe XD
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Google Forms

When & Where

November 2019 - February 2020