Caro di Lello

di Lello

UX/UI designer blending a solid foundation in graphic design with years of practical know-how.

My extensive industry expertise ensures that every project I touch combines form and function, delivering exceptional user experiences.

Years of Experience



My journey began long before I pursued graphic design in college. Like many designers, my passion for art started early in life.


It seemed only natural for me to study something related to design, so after high school, I enrolled in a graphic design program.


However, it was during my initial work experience that my interest in crafting digital products and services started. This curiosity led me to embark on a UX/UI course, aiming to expand my knowledge and skill set in this exciting field.


These days, I boast over 4 years of experience as a UX/UI designer, backed by a solid foundation of more than 8 years in graphic design. My lifelong passion for art has been a driving force throughout my career.

What makes my work flow?


Working with Carolina is very enjoyable. She handles her jobs with a lot of responsibility, always keeping priorities in mind. Brings very good energy in meetings and design presentations, and is always willing to collaborate and deliver solutions.

Julieta Bolli

Carolina was a fantastic member of our team, consistently demonstrating a keen desire to learn and enhance our workflow. Her positive spirit and strong work ethic make her a standout contributor. Carolina's ability to thrive in challenging environments will be an asset to any company employing her in the future!

Juan Manuel Currea

We work together on the team for Unilever. It was a pleasure working with her, she is a very nice person and super professional with her work. Always attentive to help and share all your knowledge and experiences in the area of Design.

Cristina Mourin

Coming from a background with little to no agricultural experience, Caro consistently left me speechless with how quickly and how profoundly she began to understand some of the fundamental concepts. Her passion, drive, thoroughness and adaptability were always present, be it during a feedback session with small-holder Latin American farmers or with the development team. Her designs never failed to meet the essential requirements of our users, while also allowing for the dev team to have some flexibility in building it.

David Trapp