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project overview

LiteFarm is a free, and open-source farm management tool crafted to cater to the needs of both existing and aspiring sustainable farming operations.

Developed by a team of dedicated farmers and researchers under the coordination of the University of British Columbia, LiteFarm stands as a solution aimed at tackling the challenges that farmers encounter in their day-to-day.

This innovative tool offers a comprehensive and user-friendly platform to empower farmers with the essential resources and insights required to thrive in the realm of sustainable agriculture.


Design thinking process applied

After reviewing the notes of the Feedback Sessions and defining the main features I had a clear understanding of our user’s needs and I could start researching the market. 

When researching it's important to keep in mind what you’re looking for, otherwise you can get lost.
The main goal was to make it as simple as possible. Our user varies a lot from country to country and continent to continent; they usually have a hard time with technology and since we were not trying to build a bank app, there was no need for a complex dashboard with a bunch of graphs and information to overwhelm the users.
The goal was to create a simple dashboard with an overview of their expenses and revenues and add requested features such as more types of revenues. *We also needed to update the look & feel of this section since it hadn’t been touched since the tool was created. 


Since this section of the app has not been updated since it was created, an updated of the look & feel was needed and new elements, components and icons were designed.  
• Updated the layout
• Update fonts and colours
• Designed new icons
• Created new flows for view-only screens and filters, and scheduled revenues and expenses

One of the most important things is to involve the dev team as soon as possible.

They know the app inside out and they will gave me a better understanding of the limitations.
In this case, the dev team was involved after the first wireframe was created.
We discussed the wireframes and agreed on how to display the features. This way, we ensure that once this is passed on to them, they are not only familiar with the design, new features, and information but also that they will be able to meet their due dates.

LiteFarm has an amazing advantage: They have a large base of collaborators. Not only do we hold the Feedback Sessions with the users but we also have a group of collaborators such as developers and researchers. 

Working with different areas of expertise allows us to create a powerful feature that will give sustainable farmers the tools they need for their business.

We were able to make a complex feature simple enough and still be able to address the different farmer’s needs. 

This is how LitaFarm still is a tool built for farmers by farmers, with dedicated groups of researchers and developers backing them up. 


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When & Where

June - August 2023